Conversion of the characters from my 3.5e campaign, Dead Edition, is underway. To keep myself busy and to get reacquainted with the characters, I’ll be posting a summary and backstory of all six characters.

Raine’s player had the difficult decision of working out what class best reflected the options she had made while playtesting the 3.5e Mage class I was working on, but eventually decided on Druid, choosing the Circle of the Moon subclass to improve her WIld Shape options. With a number of durable creatures to choose from and a couple of feats to bolster her spellcasting out of WIld Shape, Raine is quite a well-rounded character, built for both offence and defence.

After discovering an ancient scroll of prophecy and finding the contents to be both immeasurably dangerous and valuable, Raine fled from society and chose to live in the Wilds. Studying the contents of the scroll for many seasons, she came to learn that she was uniquely placed to help prevent the prophecy from fulfilling itself, and joined with the future Knights of Bannorell after signing on to Greymane’s Hooded Legion. Whilst clues to how to prevent the prophecy have yet to surface, Raine is beginning to understand that there is a greater cosmic plan behind the events that have been taking place around Lake Waymeet and the Northern Kingdoms, urging her compatriots to proceed cautiously and not let emotions cloud their judgement, trusting to irrefutable fact and her broad knowledge of the world. Since acquiring a Grimoire of Scrying from the Waymeet Academy Archives, she has become the party divinator, using scrying magic to give the party the edge that they need.